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Frolight Steuergerät Master (+ 4G Stick)
This is the heart of your Frolight System. It will operate in 3 ways: manually with a knob, automatically at a set temperature or automatically via the MyFrolight platform. Connect up to 1200 meters of IR tube (maximum 450 meters per phase). Only use one master per area. If the area is bigger than 1200 meters, add one or more slave unit(s) to your order. A heartbeat LED will indicate if the system is running.
1.710,00 € 1710.0 EUR
Frolight Sensor für nasse Bulbs
Dieser Sensor kann an ein Steuergerät angeschlossen werden, um die Feuchtkugeltemperatur | Relative Luftfeuchtigkeit über die MyFrolight-Plattform zu berechnen
157,00 € 157.0 EUR
Frolight Handgriff aus Holz
This handle can be attached to the metal wheels that our IR-Tubes are rolled on.
8,00 € 8.0 EUR
Frolight Control Unit Slave (Erweiterungseinheit)
This Slave unit is used when a Frolight System exceeds 1200 meters, with this slave unit another 1200 meters of IR-TUBE can be attached to the system. The Slave module will automatically connect to the Master control unit via a wireless connection and transfer all data. This data can be viewed in the MyFrolight Platform.
As extra safety there's a manual switch to overrule electronics and turn on the IR-TUBES.
1.469,00 € 1469.0 EUR
Frolight 2. Temperatursatz 50m
Dieser Temperatursensor kann zu Ihrem Frolight-System hinzugefügt werden, um die Trockentemperatur an einer zweiten Position zu erfassen.
205,00 € 205.0 EUR
Frolight Control Unit Base
This metal base is used to install the Frolight Control Unit at height
106,00 € 106.0 EUR
Für maximal 600 Meter Frolight IR-TUBE
95,00 € 95.0 EUR
CEE Verlengkabel 32AR 5 M
This cable is used to extend the length of the power cable of a control unit with 5 meters
107,00 € 107.0 EUR
Verlängerungskabel CEE 32AR 10 Meter
Extension cable that can be used to extend the power cord of a Frolight Control Unit Master or Slave
153,00 € 153.0 EUR
CEE Verlengkabel 32AR 10 M (kopie)
This cable is used to extend the length of the power cable of a control unit
295,00 € 295.0 EUR
CEE Verlengkabel 32AR 25 M (kopie)
This cable is used to extend the length of the power cable of a control unit
525,00 € 525.0 EUR
Max Tapener HT-R1
Binder zum Befestigen von IR-TUBE an Abzweig oder Draht. Zur Verwendung mit Max Tape und Heftklammern (FLAMT-ST01)
54,00 € 54.0 EUR
Frolight IR-TUBE 25 meters
Frolight Infrared Tube 25 meters + 10 meters connection cable
138,00 € 138.0 EUR