This page will provide you with all the information and documents you need te get your Frolight system up and running.
Please read these instructions carefully. 

The Videos are made to make your life easy. They are very low barrier and easy to use.

Frolight product installation

This Video will show you how to install and prepare your Frolight System

How to connect your Frolight Master Unit with a phone

This video explains how a phone can be used to connect to a Frolight Master Unit

How to connect to MyFrolight dashboard with a phone

This video will explain in detail how to connect to the dashboard

How to rename control units and sensors in the Frolight dashboard?

Operating MyFrolight dashboard

Overview of what can be done with MyFrolight dashboard:

How to connect your Frolight Master Unit with a desktop

How to connect to the Frolight Dashboard with a computer

How to set up temperature