About us

Modernizing vineyard protection with innovative solutions

Frolight founders Alexander Schmidt (right) and Laurens De Vos (left) inspecting a Frolight IR tube installed in a vineyard.

At Frolight BV, we are dedicated to revolutionizing vineyard protection.

Founded in 2021 by Alexander Schmidt and Laurens De Vos, our company has quickly emerged as a leading provider of spring frost protection solutions for vineyards. Our solution, Frolight, combines cutting-edge technology, automation, and sustainability to deliver modern and effective frost protection like never before.

With a deep understanding of the wine industry, Alexander Schmidt, an experienced winemaker with his own vineyard, recognized the need for a reliable and automated solution to combat spring frost damage. Laurens De Vos, an accomplished operations director, joined forces, bringing his expertise in team management and operational efficiency. Together, they embarked on a journey to develop a revolutionary solution that would transform vineyard protection.

Key milestones


With over 400 systems sold, Frolight is now active in numerous countries, providing efficient protection for vineyards.


Expansion into seven EU countries and Chile, receiving validation from multiple key research institutes.


Official establishment of Frolight BV and successful larger-scale trials, gaining recognition through media coverage.


Successful results on a small scale and the acquisition of a worldwide patent, validating the potential of Frolight.


Research and development of frost protection based on infrared technology, leading to the creation of the first prototype.

Harnessing our expertise in electronics, automation, and vineyard management, Frolight pioneers the use of infrared light technology for frost protection. This innovative approach, combined with our commitment to sustainability, ensures that vineyard owners can safeguard their crops with ease and confidence.

We invite you to join us in modernizing vineyard protection

Experience the power of Frolight, let us help you safeguard your vineyard against spring frost damage efficiently, effectively, and sustainably.