Complete Frolight System (starters set EU)
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This is a complete starter pack to protect you vineyard against frost with the help of our infrared tubes.

This set includes:

- 12 x 100 meters of IR tubes
- Master control unit
- Wet bulb sensor
- Bio Max tapener
- Bio tape
- Staples

5,482.00 € 5482.0 EUR 5,482.00 € VAT Excluded

5,482.00 € VAT Excluded

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Weight: 250 kg
Power Source: Grid Connection (3 x 400 V +N)
Rated Current: 32 Ampère
Connection Type: CEE 32AR5
Packaging Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 135 cm
Contains: 1 x Control Unit Master + 1 x Wet Bulb Sensor + 1 x Max Tapener + 1 x Box Bio Tape + 1 x Staples + 12 x IR-TUBE 100 meters
Packiging type: 1 x Europallet

Frolight Control Unit Master (+ 4G stick)

This is the heart of your Frolight System. It will operate in 3 ways: manually with a knob, automatically at a set temperature or automatically via the MyFrolight platform. Connect up to 1200 meters of IR tube (maximum 450 meters per phase). Only use one master per area. If the area is bigger than 1200 meters, add one or more slave unit(s) to your order. A heartbeat LED will indicate if the system is running.


Frolight IR-TUBE 100 meters

These IR tubes emit infrared light, which is directed onto the plant's buds. This targeted infrared radiation gently warms the plant, effectively mitigating the risks associated with frost damage. Unlike conventional methods, Frolight's infrared light approach minimizes heat loss due to environmental factors such as wind or rain, ensuring that the warmth generated is concentrated on the vines.

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Frolight Wet Bulb Sensor

The Frolight bulb sensor measures the extent of cooling that happens as moisture dries from a surface. These measurements will be send to the MyFrolight platform that you can acces  at any time or place.

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Bio Max Set

 These tools are used to hang the IR tubes in your vineyard. 

Tools in the picture:

- Bio max tapener
- Bio max tape
- Max staples

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