Demonstration Day - Mâcon (FR) @ Après-midi Technique


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Demonstration Day - Mâcon (FR) @ Après-midi Technique

Join us on the Frolight demonstration day at Après-midi Technique in  Chaintré, France

We are excited to propose our next Frolight demonstration day showcasing our advanced frost protection system, based on infrared technology.

Vinipole sud Borgogne, Chambre d'Agriculture Saône-et-Loire et CUMA are welcoming us to organize this demonstration day on 13th of March 2024, starting at 1:30 PM. Our present team is very excited to show the magic of a Frolight frost protection system at the vineyard.

All aspect will be explained:

  • Why a Frolight system is a must to have?
  • How the plug-and-play Frolight system can be easily installed?
  • Why a Frolight system give you guarantee to protection?
  • How you can be sure to secure your sleep during (spring) frost?
  • Why you should give yourself a holiday during (spring) frost?

Frolight invented the solution for a carefree protection against the (spring) frost in vineyards. The goal is simple: to provide our customers with an efficient, automated, and environmentally friendly system that ensures the well-being of their valuable crops via infrared radiation technology. You therefore always have guaranteed protection.


Registrations are closed
Date & Time
Wednesday, 13 March 2024
13:30 16:00 (Europe/Paris)

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Chemin du Château à Chaintré (71570)

--Chemin du Château à Chaintré (71570)--
--Chemin du Château à Chaintré (71570)--

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