The system for carefree protection against spring frost

Frolight harnesses the power of infrared light tubes to deliver targeted radiation heat directly to your valuable vines. Say goodbye to the threat of spring frost damaging your harvest. Our innovative system ensures optimal conditions, safeguarding your vineyard and maximizing yields. 

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Rest assured, your vines are protected under all circumstances

Defy freezing temperatures in all wheather circumstances. Rain, wind, radiation frost, advection forst or even black frost? Frolight has you covered.

Harnessing the power of innovative infrared light radiation, Frolight effectively minimizes energy losses caused by challenging weather conditions. Our fully automated, environmentally friendly solution offers optimal protection for your vineyard.

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An active Frolight installation installed in a vineyard covered in snow.

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Hautvillers: Frolight for targeted protection at Champagne Gobillard

Published on 8 February 2024

Maison Gobillard in Dizy protects its plots of Chardonnay with radiant cables called Frolight. This technique preserves the quality of these well-defined plots. Convinced by the effectiveness of radiant cables on well-defined plots, Alexandre Gobillard from the Gobillard estate in Dizy uses the Frolight technique every year to protect his chardonnay...